Programming low-res graphics in Applesoft BASIC


From my Kansasfest 2015 workshop:

Have you dreamed of bringing your Applesoft BASIC programming skills into ANOTHER DIMENSION? If so, then this workshop is for you! Be DAZZLED by stunning graphics, created by YOU in a full rainbow of sixteen LUMINOUS colors* with an UNPRECEDENTED resolution of forty by forty rectangular pixels!

* All colors not available on monochrome monitors


Downloadable Materials

Directions for programming low-res graphics in Applesoft BASIC (PDF format)

Sample images (PDF format)

Grid for printing and drawing your own image ideas on paper (PDF format)

Spreadsheet with sample images and grid (Excel format)

Sample programs (disk image, .dsk)

Sample code (.txt files)

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Beagle Bros Color Chart (opens in new window/tab)


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